Just like you, we want your film to be amazing. Therefore we ask that the only thing you save for the competition is the actual production of your film. You are allowed to work in advance on all of the following.

  • Organizing Crew

  • Organizing Cast

  • Scouting/Securing Locations

  • Organize Composers and or pre-recorded music

The only thing you can NOT do is

  • Write

  • Shoot

  • Edit



All footage must belong to you and must be shot within the competitions 48 hour period.  No stock footage may be used. You may use still photography if you own the images or have permission to use them.

All pre-recorded music and sound bytes used in your film must either belong to you or be acquired legally by release. Creative Commons Licenses are accepted.


4. Element Party Event

Each film crew must have a representative at the official Main Street 48 Element Party.  This event will be held on Friday, October 5th at 6:00 p.m. at the Mabrey Bank Meeting Room in downtown Okmulgee.

  • Here, each crew must submit a Director’s Agreement, signed by its team leader. A film crew may not participate without submitting an agreement.


5. Required Elements

Each film crew will be given required elements that must appear in your film. If you are missing any of the required elements your film will be disqualified from any winnings.

  • Character - This person does not have to be a lead character, but they must be present in your film.

  • Line of Dialogue - The line of dialogue can be verbal or written.

  • Prop - Your prop must be easily recognized on-screen.

  • Location - The exterior of a specific location must be shown in your film. This shot must also include one or more of your main characters.


6. Required Slates

Before your film begins, you must have...

  • 5 seconds of black

  • A title card with: The Films Title, genre, and the Main Street 48 logo [(will be provided) The audience will not see this card]

  • 2 seconds of black

End Credits

Credits at the end of each film are limited to a maximum of 30 seconds. The 30 seconds is considered additional to the length of the film. The end credits must include the Main Street 48 logo which will be provided.


7. Total Running Time

The finished film must be a minimum of 4 minutes in duration, and a maximum of 6 minutes in duration (with an additional 30 seconds allowed for credits, you are allowed a total running time of 6 minutes 30 seconds). The official running time begins after the required title slate.


8. Required Media Format

Unless otherwise instructed, your film must be submitted via the following media:

  • A self-contained QuickTime file with no proprietary codecs uploaded to with a link provided for download.

  • HD 1920x1080 is encouraged but not required

  • Make sure sound levels are relatively even throughout your film.


9.  Production Documents

Each team must acquire releases for talent, music, and filming locations on private property. All film crews will be provided with a 48-hour film permit for the town of Okmulgee. All official law enforcement will be informed of crews filming in and around Okmulgee.

Click and Download the needed release forms below.



10. Eligibility

Your film must not contain inappropriate language, obscene or pornographic material. It may not contain defamatory statements about any person, company, organization or entity; may not invade privacy or other rights of any person, company or entity; may not in any other way violate applicable laws and regulations; and may not contain any copyrighted elements (other than as owned by the filmmaker.)

Entries containing prohibited or inappropriate content as determined by Main Street 48, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate will be disqualified. Main Street 48 reserves the right to make the final determination as to which Entries are eligible. Main Street 48 also reserves the right to refuse to screen a film.


11. No Pre-Screening Distribution

You may not distribute your film in any way before the Main Street 48 premiere screening. This includes uploading the film to any website. We do, however, encourage you to make a trailer of your film and distribute that instead. This trailer should be no longer than 30 seconds.


12. Disqualification

Main Street 48 may disqualify film entries that we feel are inappropriate or do not meet the required element requirements.


13. Prizes

1st and 2nd place Film Jury winners and monetary awards will be announced and awarded at the Film Festival. The Audience Choice will be tallied after the festival and will be announced and awarded at the after party that evening. 

The Main Street 48 organizers may add to or amend these rules at any time prior to the beginning of the 48 Hour time period.

A. To Enter

Follow the instructions found at Registration is based on a first-come first-served basis and space is limited. The Registration fee is $30.  PAYMENT MUST BE MADE ONLINE OR BY MAILING ENTRY FORM & CHECK BY OCTOBER 5TH. Please remit your payment to:

Okmulgee Main Street 48 Hour Film Festival
100 E. 6th
Okmulgee, OK74447

B. Refund Schedule

No refunds are made for this Project.

C. Team Leader's Agreement

Entrants will be required to sign the standard Main Street 48 Project Team Leader's Agreement. If under 18 years of age, your parent or legal guardian must sign it on your behalf.

As a condition of entry, participants must agree to the Team Leader's Agreement, which sets forth the rights of Entrant and Main Street 48 Project with respect to the use of Entries by Main Street 48 Project. Entries that do not include all required information and adhere to the foregoing and following requirements will be considered void and will not be considered in this Project.

D. Production Costs

All costs associated with the production of the Entry are solely the responsibility of the Entrant.

E. Judging of Entries

Eligible Entries will be judged based on the judging criteria stated below.

F. Kickoff Event

A representative from your team must be present at the designated time and at the designated location to participate.

G. Basic Requirements of the Project

Entrants must adhere to the official Main Street 48 Project Filmmaking Rules. In addition, at the Kickoff Event, Entrants will receive an assignment and be given exactly 48 hours to make a video (an Entry).

H. Project Terms of Submission

By submitting an Entry into this Project, each Entrant warrants and represents that the Entrant owns all rights to the Entry he/she is entering in this Project, including, without limitation, the video or digital recording, and the performance contained in each Entry, with the exception of any assets provided by the Main Street 48 Project for use by Entrants in connection with this Project. Each Entrant further warrants and represents that the Entrant has obtained permission from each person who appears in the Entry to grant the rights to the Project Parties described in these Official Rules, and will submit copies of such permissions to the Project Parties. By submitting an Entry, Entrant agrees to the Official Rules, and further agrees to indemnify and hold the Main Street 48 Project, Project Parties and their respective affiliates, officers, directors, agents, co-branders or other partners, and any of their employees (collectively, the Project Indemnitees), harmless from any and all claims, damages, expenses, costs (including reasonable attorneys' fees) and liabilities (including settlements), brought or asserted by any third party against any of the Project Indemnitees due to or arising out of the Entrant's Entry materials in this Project, or the Entrant's conduct during and in connection with this Project, including but not limited to trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property rights, right of publicity, right of privacy or defamation. Entrant agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless Main Street 48 Project and the Project Parties from any and all claims that any advertising, presentation, web content or any other material subsequently produced, presented, and/or prepared by or on behalf of Main Street 48 Project or the Project Parties infringes on the rights of Entrant's work as contained in any Entry.

I. Designated Team Leader

If any group of individuals elects to collaborate on an Entry, they are required to designate one (1) person as the agent of the group to enter the Project, agree to these Official Rules, sign the Team Leader's Agreement and accept the prize on behalf of the group. Neither Main Street 48 Project nor any of the Project Parties are liable for any disputes between collaborators arising out of or related to the Project.

J. Selection of Winners

Entries will be judged by a process in which a qualified panel of judges will evaluate the eligible entries based on the following judging criteria:

Story Telling – Acting, plot, originality, etc.

Production Value – Framing, lighting, audio, etc.

Application of Elements – You receive points for each element correctly applied in your film.

K. Limitations of Liability and Release

No liability or responsibility is assumed by Main Street 48 or Project Parties resulting from any user's participation in or attempt to participate in the Project or ability or inability to upload or download any information in connection with participating in the Project. No responsibility or liability is assumed by the Main Street 48 Project or Project Parties for technical problems or technical malfunction arising which may affect the operation of the Project. Main Street 48 Project and the Project Parties are not responsible for any personal injury or property damage or losses of any kind which may be sustained to user's or any other person's computer equipment resulting from participation in the Project, use of the Web Site or the download of any information from the Web Site. By participating in the Project, Entrant agrees to release, indemnify and hold Main Street 48 harmless from any and all claims, damages or liabilities arising from or relating to such Entrant's participation in the Project.

L. Winners

Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the Film Festival and will be posted online at

Okmulgee Main Street 48 Hour Film Festival
100 E. 6th Street
Okmulgee, OK74447
Inquiries may be made online at: