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Christie Baldridge

Past President

Executive Director, Deep Fork Community Action Foundation, Inc.

Christie Baldridge is a dedicated leader with a passion for community empowerment. As the

Executive Director of Deep Fork Community Action Foundation, Inc., she brings a wealth of

experience and a strong commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

Background and Education: Christie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration &

Psychology from SEOSU and has spent many years working in the nonprofit sector. Her passion for helping people has evolved into a successful career in nonprofit leadership.

Current Role: In her role as Executive Director, Christie oversees the strategic direction and

day-to-day operations of Deep Fork Community Action Foundation. Under her guidance, the

organization has seen remarkable growth and an increased impact on the lives of community


Key Skills and Expertise: Christie’s expertise lies in nonprofit management, program

development, grant writing, and community engagement. She is known for her ability to build

strong partnerships, mobilize resources, and create innovative solutions to address pressing

community needs.

Christie Baldridge
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